Pastoral Staff


Senior Pastor - Joseph Chung

Pastor Joseph Chung hails from sunny California.  He began his ministry as a youth pastor in 1991 and has been serving the Lord since then.  He graduated with a BA in Missiology from Bethesda Christian University & received his M. Div. from Evangel Theological Seminary.  In 2005, he joined AMI and moved to the east coast with his family.  He joined the staff of GCC in July of 2010 with much enthusiasm and passion.  In August of 2015, he moved to NYC where he currently resides.  He is married to Hanna and they have two boys, Jedidiah & Jeremiah.



Pastor Yohan joined our church in the summer of 2017.  Prior to this, he served for three years at our AMI sister church Radiance in San Francisco, but he first broke into ministry at Grace Covenant in Philly, where he attended and served for almost 18 years. Yohan and Mandie got married in 2008; she works as a pediatric nurse practitioner.  Together they have four sometimes wonderful, oftentimes naughty children, Simon (7), Maggie (5), Jon and Abbie (4).  In terms of hobbies and interests, Yohan describes himself as a pretty standard guy. He likes tasty food, but would lean more towards quantity over quality.  He is a passionate Bears (football) fan and enjoys movies that don't make him think or cry (so action and comedy genres).  Yohan also considers himself pretty lighthearted and easy going, chances are that if he says something that doesn't sound right is was a failed attempt at humor.


Outreach Pastor - Richard Aguirre

When Pastor Richard moved into the Kips Bay Neighborhood 12 years ago he saw the need of urban ministry in this community.  He served and developed programs for homeless outreach and inner city youth ministry as well as connecting with diverse groups in the neighborhood. God connected him with Remnant Church in May 2012 and a year later in June 2013, he went on a mission trip to Guatemala for the very first time with Remnant members. On December 2013, Pastor Richard joined Remnant as an outreach pastor.  He has been married to Erika for 23 years and they have three amazing boys Richard (18), Paul (13) and Matheux (9).  He currently serves in Harvest outreach services and The Vine tutoring program for families in the Kips Bay community.